793 - 1066 AD

Playing in the Viking Age

    The Vikings of North America reenactment organization was formed to share knowledge of these amazing explorers and to fairly represent the peoples we collectively refer to as Vikings. We cultivate all the skills needed to survive in the Viking era and we share what we have learned freely with anyone interested. Our goal is to educate ourselves and others about the challenges these explorers and settlers faced and about the historical realities of life in the Viking age.

Membership in VNA

Living History

History Comes Alive

    There are many ways to participate. Some simply enjoy studying the Vikings and participating in informed discussion. Others are experimental archeologists with their own "need to know"--a passion to learn about textiles, paint, weaving, woodworking, blacksmithing and even iron smelting. Many enjoy living in a Viking period encampment, experiencing firsthand the challenges of daily life in a former age (even if only for the weekend). And some are looking for the warrior life, recreating Viking combat and reliving great battles. If you want to get involved, get in touch with your nearest VNA group or join us on Facebook.