Viking Crafts

The various cultures of Northern Europe between 750-1100 C.E., are often referred to as Viking. But Viking is a verb; to go Viking or pirating, raiding, and fighting. Not all Northern Europeans of the time went Viking. Many stayed home, or explored, or were active traders and craftsmen, and even warriors were often craftsmen.

In Eigil’s Saga, this individual was described as a blacksmith. Mythological lore tells of the God Vidar who defeats Fenrir at Ragnarok with the help of a magic boot made from the scraps of leather from shoe makers.

There were metalcasters and artists making fine jewelry, glassware, pottery, women making beautiful and functional fabric embroidery and tablet woven trims. In addition, they were great woodworkers, making their famous ships and halls.

These are just a few examples of the crafts that were undertaken in the Viking Age.

The members of Vikings North America strive to constantly update our personal understanding of the various cultures of Northern Europe between 750-1100 C.E., by the use of experimental archaeology and learning about, recreating, and using the products of their crafts, art, and manufactured goods.